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This site briefly introduces some of the main areas of my life, then links to my other websites where you can find out more. So, what do I do? I write. I design. I bake. I edit video. I code. I enjoy creating for clients and for myself, and I'm always excited about what tomorrow will bring. In the past I've fought elections, taught college students, written newspapers and found a Cube. And the future? Drop me a line and we can start making it happen.

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I write, design and code for clients, either as an on-site contract worker or through my company, the web agency <onlineability/>. We also maintain and build websites for clients including racing drivers, public bodies and charities.

I like creating things, and always have done. I'm not too fussed what the media is - from webpages to cupcakes, from music videos to short stories, I'm always interested in having a go and seeing what results. At 'And Then He Said' - named for a lyric in an obscure early-80s synthpop song - I collect it all together (and also include the story of Perplex City and the Receda Cube, perhaps the strangest thing to ever happen to me).

What started as a simple blog became a seven-days-a-week news operation that ended with us accredited as media across the entire F1 paddock and the wider open-wheel racing scene in Europe and North America, working with teams, series, sponsors and circuits. Eventually it grew too much for two people and we put it on hold, but more recently tried reviving it as a video magazine - until YouTube's unwieldy monetisation rules killed that idea too. One day it will return!

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Our work writing created many interesting and exciting opportunities for us - not least to work with drivers and management via our agency Onlineability, designing, maintaining and updating their websites. Although on one level it's a job like any other, as a motorsport fan it's also a fascinating privilege to have this insight into the world of racers such as Bentley factory driver Duncan Tappy, endurance racer Daniel McKenzie, and Formula E challenger Sam Bird.

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